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Tier 3 Guild Hall
Nov 5, 10 9:09 PM
Guild Level 70
Nov 1, 10 9:13 AM
Guild level 55
May 22, 10 5:21 AM
Viking Alliance First Guild Raid posted
Apr 1, 10 4:00 AM
Viking Alliance hits guild level 50
Mar 29, 10 7:37 AM
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Viking Alliance is currently recruiting the following:
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Monk (3)
Paladin (3)
Shadowknight (3)
Coercer (3)
Conjuror (3)
Illusionist (3)
Necromancer (3)
Warlock (3)
Wizard (3)
Defiler (3)
Fury (3)
Inquisitor (3)
Mystic (3)
Templar (3)
Warden (3)
Assassin (3)
Brigand (3)
Dirge (3)
Ranger (3)
Swashbuckler (3)
Troubador (3)
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We are a guild that is the home to many experienced players that can offer help and advice when needed. We are more interested in the type of player, rather than how much fabled loot or aa's you have. We are a guild with always lots going on and have a guild roster with many players of all levels and experience.
A good laugh and a friendly atmosphere is guaranteed!

Tier 3 Guild Hall

gonridor, Nov 5, 10 9:09 PM.
Wow - VA goes from strength to strength...

We now have a tier 3 guild hall for all to use!
Gratz to everyone who contributed in any way to our success, let keep going and who knows where we will end up.


Guild Level 70

CordeliaVA, Nov 1, 10 9:13 AM.
Congratulations and well done to our members for all their hard work - Today Our guild dinged Level 70, which means we can now purchase out Tier 3 Guild Hall, which Sunny and I cant wait to start decorating 

Guild level 55

CordeliaVA, May 22, 10 5:21 AM.
Thanks to our existing and also new members who have been grinding out those writs, we just got guild level 55.  Brombador has promised us all a free holiday at his mansion when we get level 90.  Bring on the Sauna fun!!!!

Viking Alliance First Guild Raid posted

CordeliaVA, Apr 1, 10 4:00 AM.
We continue to make progress and today we have posted which will be the first of our raid targets, a little sojourn to Kurns Tower on 7 April.

Viking Alliance hits guild level 50

CordeliaVA, Mar 29, 10 7:37 AM.
The Viking Alliance train continues to steam ahead, with our guild reaching level 50 today.  Fantastic effort made by all.  This meant we could purchase our Tier 2 Guild Hall in North Freeport, which we did immediately.  Of course this means that I will now be busy decorating for a few days.  Also level 50 meant we had another 3 amenity slots to play with, so to please our guild crafters we purchased the guild Hunter, Gatherer and Miner.  Now all we need to do is remember to send them out =)  Much to Wilfy's delight I re created our druid ring complete with butterflies and flowers =)
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